Hi, I’m Andrés Yeah. I’m a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director born in 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. I never graduated. I design for fun. I draw. I take blurry pictures. Sometimes i write. I used to paint but I almost don’t do it anymore. I play guitar loudly and sing quietly. I love spending time with cats. I'll never have enough guitar pedals. I don’t like mosquitoes or summer. I like eating ice. I like watching films with my headphones on. I like sleeping, making lists of the things I like and overthinking. I propose honesty. 

I'm trying to work only on projects that I enjoy and make me grow and make me happy. I am available for freelance work and collaborations. Feel free to get in touch.


2007 – Present – Freelance at andresyeah.com
2009 – Freelance Graphic Designer at PUNGA, Buenos Aires 
2009 – 2011 – Graphic Designer at Home Rosario, Rosario
2012 – 2014 – Senior Graphic Designer at Ellecktra, Rosario
2014 – 2015 – Graphic Design Intern at B-Reel, New York


2008 – Lovit Guit Frens. By Lovit
2009 – Lettering: Beyond Computer Graphics. By LinksBooks
2009–2011 – NUEZ. Self edited fanzine
2010 – Torso. By Gestalten
2011 – Pop Psychedelic. BigBros Workshop
2011 – Choi’s Package 03. Choi’s Gallery
2011 – 100 IND ARG. By Brrothers + Gobierno de la República Argentina
2013 – 100 IND ARG. “El Desafío del Conocimiento”. By Gobierno de la República Argentina

2009 – 5:00 AM, Triángulo Camina, Sala Lavardén. Rosario.
2010 – -_-, CEC, Rosario.
2012 – “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion”, Galería Tremenda. Rosario

2009 – Lancha, Sala Lavardén. Rosario.
2010 – Meron Pan, Los Jardines de Hildegarda, Rosario.
2011 – Arena en los Bolsillos. Ivan Rosado, Rosario.
2011 – El Pogo Más Grande del Mundo. Cultura Pasajera, Pasaje Pan, Rosario.

2007 – Robotel Toy Show. Trimarchi DG, Mar del Plata; Museo Castagnino, Rosario; Arnet Point, Buenos Aires, Tienda Fuencarral, Córdoba.
2008 – Fósiles, TrimarchiDG, Mar del Plata.
2008 – Festival Pooh Pooh Fest. La Plata.
2009 – La Edad de Oro. LATU, Montevideo.
2009 – La Trampera. Museo de la Ciudad, Rosario.
2009 – Cuarentena. Puro Diseño, Buenos Aires; Pasaje Pan, Rosario.
2009 – Phobias by Moytoy. Kaunas, Lituania.
2010 – Joven y Efímero. Centro Cultural Parque de España, Rosario.
2011 – Give me 5. Orekhovo – Zuevo, Rusia.
2011 – Forasteros. Vendrás Alguna Vez, La Plata.
2011 – 100 IND ARG. Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires.
2012 – Un nombre para las Lays de pollo. Museo del Diario La Capital, Rosario.
2013 – 100 IND ARG. “El Desafío del Conocimiento”. Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires.

2011 – Lecture, Pixelations Visual Tour, Córdoba.
2012 – Lecture, Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño de la UNR.
2013 – Joven y Efímero Selection Committee, Centro Cultural Parque de España, Rosario
2013 – Lecture, Facultad Libre, Rosario.